# Dementiaville/What did you think of the programme tonight on Dementia?

In Northern Ireland 1 in 3 people over 65 will have Dementia.  As a society we must adapt and create more dementia friendly environments.

I have worked in Care Homes for over 20 years.  Often the very negative stories are portrayed and not the fantastic work that goes on in some care homes.  Staff working with Dementia are highly trained and skilled and deliver care in often difficult circumstances.  Working with families to maintain links is critical to understanding the person.

The key is not to try and bring those with Dementia into the present.  We need to enter their world, where they are at that moment.  That is the way to assist them to lead a more contented life.  Life story work is essential in achieving this.

Poppy Lodge has given us a unique insight tonight.  While difficult for families to watch, remember there is always help and support.

I look forward to seeing the next 2 episodes.

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